Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Today's Wish List

My Mom e-mailed me to ask what’s on my wish list today. I decided not to edit my list to try and “look good” or be “politically correct”. It’s better to examine our heart’s desires in raw form. Here’s my answer:

1) An end to Genocide in the hearts, minds, and lives of all humanity
2) A Chinese Calligraphy Teacher
3) Organizational Strategy and Legacy Planning Clients
4) A home overlooking the sea near my daughter (and/or in Morocco?)
5) A flat in London near my friends
6) An end to World War IV - terrorism - both mental and physical
7) That I was slim enough to wear Yves Saint Laurent in mourning

Living as a privileged first world citizen, I have a wish list with a broad range and even real hope that some of these things may come true. A freedom to hope and dream, even for trivial things, that I don’t take lightly.

I notice that what I want is concrete for me, theoretical for others. In my heart I feel Genocide and Terrorism are wrong but maybe, just maybe, I want an end to them because of their current impact on me personally.

And I notice that even if I do serve enough clients to own two homes, would that be justified? And will I feel sorry for myself if none of these things come to fruition? That would be a sad commentary on someone already so comfortable.

I can’t change what I want but maybe I can adjust what I think I must have. Why? So that I become the most loving person I can be, instead of the most wanting person I can be. Wants lead to things like terrorism and genocide. The only desires that seem justified are the ones that create more love, and only our hearts know the difference.

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